Wards 9 & 10 comprise the majority of the former City of Stoney Creek, including the Heritage Green community and historic ‘Olde Towne’ (Downtown) Stoney Creek.  It has a combined ten public elementary and two public secondary schools with nearly fifty-four hundred students.

These schools include…

Billy Green
Built in 1981 – FDK Wing added in 2012/2013
Population Approx. 370

Collegiate Ave.
Built in 1955
Population Approx. 275

Built in 1965 (Gym 1979)
Population Approx. 200

Built in 2005
Population Approx. 650

Green Acres
Built in 1957
Population Approx. 350

Janet Lee
Built in 1987
Population Approx. 415

Memorial (Stoney Creek)
Built in 1955
Population Approx. 325

Mount Albion
Current Building in 1952, FDK Classrooms 2012 (First school on site 1877)
Population Approx. 285

Mountain View
Built in 1949
Population Approx. 330

R.L. Hyslop
Current Building Built in 1966 (First school on site 1880)
Population Approx.180

Total elementary population Approx 3380

Orchard Park
Built in 1966 (renovation addition in 1990)
Population Approx. 1,100

Current Building 1996 (Being expanded)
Population Approx. 950

Total Secondary Population Approx 2050

Total student population (elementary and secondary combined) Approx 5400