Helpful information for families to develop plans walking, cycling, skateboarding or in-line skating to school...

...instead of being driven by Mom or Dad.

HWDSB's Commitment to ASST, as a signing member of the ASST Charter - CLICK HERE

Smart Commute - Hamilton: School Resource Page - CLICK HERE

Walking tips from Safe Routes to School:

— Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible.

— Look left, right, and left for traffic at crossings.

— Walk facing traffic, if there are no sidewalks.

— Cross at intersections.

— See and be seen.  Do not use electronic devices while you walk.  Pay attention to your surroundings.

— Make eye contact with drivers

— Parents - Practice walking or cycling to school with your child.  Show them hazards to watch out for and show them the proper way to cross the street.

— Walk (or cycle) with a 'buddy'